Step4# Relook at your Daily Food Menu

So I was gaining weight constantly and often thought of going on diet, but it left me wondering what can I possibly reduce from my food menu. I always thought that I ate proper food.

Yes, I wanted to lose weight, but not at the cost of starving myself or torturing myself by eating less or worse, not eating at all.

I was bugged with questions like how will I survive if I eat lesser than what I already do? I will be constantly hungry. And if I stay hungry all the time, won’t I have low energy or headaches, that’ll affect my work.

I am sure many think like that, which brings me to Step 4.

Before we go further, lets recap our three steps,

In Step 4 we will relook at our food habits. It is time to comprehend what we eat and which one of our many food habits is causing our weight gain.

Here is how you find out

1. For the next 3 days, write down all what you eat

Anything and everything that goes inside your mouth, from the time you wake up till the time you sleep. Just write down. Even a small bite of bread or some mixture, anything, just write it down.

I was in for a shocker when I did this activity myself.

I realised that even if I was eating my two rotis (flat bread) – normal, but I was eating too much sabzi (Indian Kari) with it, mostly to avoid leftovers – abnormal.

Or I was munching too many snacks while watching television after dinner time – abnormal. Also I was gobbling down lots of fruits, thinking what harm can the nutritious fruits do. They are supposed to be healthy, right?

Well apparently I was wrong. These things, even though seem very mundane, are the culprits that cause weight gain and we hardly give any thought to them.

So to start eating right, you need to first reflect upon your daily food menu. Start by making the list and be honest. 😵🤔

Don’t make the list to make yourself look good. You wouldn’t have been overweight if you were that innocent. 😜

Relook Daily Food Menu

2. Find out the habits you need to change or control.

Once your list is ready and you are recovered from the shock of your disastrous food habits, its time to make amends. 🙂

From the list you prepared, highlight your most shocking habits. Those habits you found abnormal, which you yourself feel that you need to do something about.

Now against these abnormal activities, write down what can do about them.

Taking my example above,  when I realised, I was eating too much sabzi, I stopped taking more, once my rotis finished. And now even if one spoon sabzi remains, I store it in the fridge for eating later. If I feel like eating fruits, I put a particular quantity in the bowl and eat only that much, and not gobble down the whole in one sitting, which I am quiet capable of doing (I love fruits!)

That is about it! Take up this activity and next we will look at how we are gonna start eating the right way.

I’ll see you in my next post with the final step of weight loss by eating right! 


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