Diet Food or Right Food?

Hopefully you have already gone through my 5-Step blog series on “Learn to Eat Right & Lose Weight” and have started to make changes to your lifestyle.

Almost all the people I have met associate weight loss with dieting and everyone has their own definition of diet food.

Some people eat just fruits on day one, veges on day two and so on… continue like this for a week and then repeat the cycle. They believe this method to be really effective in weight loss.

Some others eat only fruits from morning till evening. And since they are so strict with themselves whole day long, as they have eaten only fruits all day, they reward themselves for their achievement by ending their day with one proper meal in the night.

There are also some who live on fruits or vegetables for days together, but they stuff themselves with these fruits and vegetables when they eat, thinking that they are treating their body with healthy food and so it does not matter how much they eat. They think that as long as they are not eating food, they will reduce weight.

Oh and this one is killer! I find it amusing specially because I belonged to this category at one point in time. I used to think that if I eat oily food and drink hot water over it, it will melt away the oil/ fat that I have eaten and will not add up to the body fat. lol… trust me there are many like me.

And some people reach extremes in their torture to themselves… they stop eating. Have a little bit when they feel hungry, but otherwise just don’t eat. 

OKAY so let’s say for now I don’t contest any of the above beliefs. I am sure somewhere these people see some sort of results in what they are doing, and so they continue to adopt these strategies every now and then to get rid of their body fat.

But I have a question:

Whatever strategies we spoke about above, is it possible for someone to continue forever? Like can you continue to live only on fruits for life? Or can you continue to eat one type of food everyday and then repeat? Or can you continue to stay hungry forever? Can you sustain your weight loss strategy?

There would be 99.9% who wont be able to, and eventually will return to their normal eating habits, and  so will their lost weight (if they have managed to lose any).

Then why go through the torture in the first place?

Therefore, we we need a method which we can drill into our lifestyle, something that we can continue forever and make as part of our ‘normal eating’ habits – ‘Eating Right Habits’.

Each one of us has our own capacity and so we need to decide our eating threshold ourselves – The things to remember are:

  1. Start your day by eating (a fruit or something)
  2. Eat (small meals) every 2-3 hours
  3. Stop before your stomach gets full
  4. Stop eating 2 hours before going to bed

If overeating is bad for you, so is eating less… if you are eating every 2-3 hours, your body becomes confident that when it is hungry it’ll get food, and so it stops storing/ reserving food, and eventually your stomach’s capacity shrinks.  But if you keep it starving, it will start storing food when you give it food.

Which is why, it is very important to learn to eat the right amount at the right time & stop eating at the right time. 

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