Step5# Plan your Diet to Eat Right!

It is a less known fact that weight loss is 80% about diet and 20% about exercise.

By diet I mean eating right, but I definitely don’t mean dieting or starving yourself by not eating.

In the last blog, we looked at our food menu and identified the habits that we feel are wrong eating habits, culprits to our weight increase. Further, against these identified culprits, we wrote the habits we can or should inculcate in order to change the old habits.

This surely is one BIG STEP forward. Well Done Guys!

A huge part of losing weight is realising that ONLY YOU can do it for yourself and believing that YOU are capable of doing it!

Coming back to our question, what do we mean by eating right?

Let me start by discussing my meal plan (both before and after) with you.

My Before Meal Plan
My Current Meal Plan
Time Meal Time Meal
7 am Wakeup: Eat Nothing 7 am Wakeup: Eat a Fruit

8:30 – 9 am

Breakfast: (Sometimes if getting late for work I used to skip it)

8:30 – 9 am

Breakfast (A Must)

11 am Tea 11 am Small Snack with tea
1 pm Lunch: 2 Rotis, 1 Bowl Sabzi, 1 Bowl Yogurt (sometimes 1 Bowl of Dal too) and salad 1 pm Lunch: Everything in Smaller Portion
5 pm Tea 4 pm Yogurt with fruits or some fruit salad or something
7 pm Dinner: 2 Rotis, 1 Bowl Sabzi, 1 Bowl Yogurt (sometimes 1 Bowl of Dal too) OR Rice and Dal OR some other 6 pm Small Snack
After Dinner Fruits or Some Dessert or if sitting late some snack (fried namkeen or chips or something) – had loads stored in the house 8 pm Dinner: Small Portion

Earlier I was eating bigger meals but in large intervals. But now I am eating smaller meals in small intervals, that is almost every 2 hours.

Earlier I was eating even after my stomach was full. The extra sabzi or fruits, there was no limit. But now I am more observant and I stop when I realise my stomach is about to get full.

That my friends is Eating Right! Eating in intervals & eating small meals. Most importantly, stopping to eat at the right time, which is before your stomach is full.

Eat Right Meal PLan

Food increases after going inside the stomach during the digestion process and so, if you stop before your stomach is full, you are giving your food space to digest. But on the other hand, if you eat till your stomach is full, sometimes even after that, your stomach expands, blots, becomes big, etc. etc. as the food will still need space to digest and you end up eating antacids and other stuff to get rid of the indigestion and bloating. 

Each person has a different stomach size, so you need to decide your own threshold.

Now coming to the task for this step. Make a diet plan for a week and write down what you will eat during this whole week (in every meal).

TIP: Start with reducing your meal to 75% of what you eat and slowly reduce to 50%. Eat the remaining portion after some time.



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