Can I Eat Sweets & Still Reduce Weight?

‘How can I eat sweets, brownies or mithai and still reduce weight?’ ‘Is there a “right way” of eating sweets as well, such that I don’t put-on weight?’ ‘I love eating sweets, but I want to lose weight too. Can I do both?’

Many such questions come my way. Many tell me that they really want to lose weight but they have a sweet tooth and to fulfil their craving they end up eating sweets and so they don’t even think of starting their weight loss regime.

Well, the good news for you! You CAN have your meetha (sweets) or cakes & brownies and still successfully lose weight. High Five to that 🙌🏻.  There… I can actually see you smiling  💃💃.

I am happy too 😄and I want to dedicate this blog to all those who love eating sweets and want to lose weight as well.

But before I answer ‘how you can eat sweets and still reduce weight’,  I would like to make you aware about why eating sugar or sweets is associated with weight gain.

Why eating sweets is considered a taboo while trying to lose weight?

Eating sugar raises to our blood glucose level, which results in the release of insulin (a big-time metabolism regulating hormone that signals our body to store fat). More the sugar we take at a time, the greater is the rise in our blood glucose level and greater the insulin release. Greater the insulin release, the longer our body stays in fat-storage mode.

So we should keep in view that, weight gain as a result of eating sweets or sugar has little to do with the amount of calories it has. It is more of the insulin generation part that puts our body in the fat storage mode, and this is what we need to be cautious about.

So now that you know why it is recommended not to eat sugar or sweets while you are looking at effective weight loss. I will proceed with letting you know what is ideal or right way in which we can have sugar or sweets or brownies and avoid our body from staying in this fat storage mode and get on to lose weight…

So what is the right way of eating sweets?

So we CAN indulge in eating sweets, but with a plan. There are two right ways of eating sweets, which like the right way of eating other food, requires a lot of discipline.

FIRST WAY: You can eat sweets once a week. Have your cheat day! But after that continue with your normal ‘eating right’ routine. Don’t worry, your body will forgive you for one-night (or one-time) stand.

REMEMBER: Do not have your sweet with your main meal. But if you really don’t have a choice, give at least a 30 minute gap in between.

SECOND WAY: This one requires more discipline and self control than the one mentioned above, but gives more pleasure.

You can have your sweet daily, provided you have them as a meal by itself, like your 11 AM meal or 4 PM meal or 6 PM meal. Fix your time and limit your portions. DO NOT have anything else with it. Which means you have one piece of barfi (Indian Sweet) or brownie, and that is all you can have. This way your insulin levels shall also be well in control.

Having your sweet once a day shall take care of your daily sweet craving once and for all, for whole of that day.

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But do REMEMBER: Never eat your sweet when on the go. Sit, relax and enjoy it thoroughly. Eat slowly and let your brain sink it that you are having your sweet, cause that is how it will stop craving for more. 

What is the right time of eating sweets?

Well we have discussed the right way of eating sweets, but if you match it with the right time, you don’t have to worry about gaining weight while eating sweets ever in your life.

While I did mention that you can have your sweet as a meal on its own in your 11 AM or 4 PM or 6 PM snack, but the BEST TIME to have your sweet is as your pre-workout or post-workout meal. This is your window of opportunity to have your sweet. At both these times i.e pre-workout and post-workout, you need energy to sustain your workout and to repair your body after workout. And so at these times you can eat your favourite sweet (or mithai) without any guilt and also get the much required instant energy.

If you follow this plan to eat right and religiously, absolutely stick to it, you can have your sweet everyday, and eat it too… without any barrier in your weight loss efforts.

Hope you liked my blog, do share it with your friends and loved ones. I’ll see you in my next blog… soon.