Step1# 5 Traits to Adopt for Fast & Effective Weight Loss

Weight Loss is repeatedly approached as some sort of a problem that one feels can be solved by devoting ‘some’ amount of dedicated time and following certain diets or exercises. The intention is to get the desired results fast and then get on with the so called ‘normal’ life.

This practice can get results for you, but only short term… All the lost weight comes back in a matter of time, once you get back to your ‘normal’ routine…

What we need is a sustainable & effective weight loss solution…

Before I talk about the actual solution, it is very important that you adopt 5 important traits that will ensure fast & effective weight loss. Traits without which your dream for a healthy body will remain a dream.


A very old saying, but also very true… “If you keep doing what you have been doing, you will get the same results you have been getting.”

So if your efforts till now have not reaped positive outcomes for you, it is time to try something else. It is time for a Change… a change in your Lifestyle… You need to ready and willing to welcome this change in your life.

I have done a lot of changes to my lifestyle, I will talk about them as we move along.


Weight Loss will not happen overnight. The people or the companies that promise a quick weight loss are either fooling you or talking about a non sustainable weight loss method. A quick weight loss solution is so a trap. We are here to find an organic or sustainable weight loss solution, aren’t we?

We need to take small steps and we need to keep going. There may be days when we might not see results, but we need to keep at it. Something everyday, a little here and there, to reach towards our goal. Each effort we take, does something, we might or might not be able to see it then, but we just need to keep working, results will follow. Be Patient!


Statistics have revealed that majority of people take up overeating or gain extra weight if they are stressed or depressed. Which means, the root cause of a weight loss problem lies deep within.

Nothing works if you are not positive. So you need to find reasons to stay positive. If you stay positive in negative situations, you are already a winner! Do what makes you happy. Meet positive people. Try staying away from negative people. Absolutely no one should come between you and your way to achieve your goal.


This is the MOST important in this list. If you are not motivated from within, nothing will happen. The motivation that you get from within will give you the strength to keep working towards your goal.

There were times I just did not feel like working-out or just wanted to skip it for a day, but I was motivated from within and this kept me going. It was my motivation that made me go that extra mile and do that work out I was trying to avoid.

SET a Measurable GOAL:

Last but not the least, you need to have the ability to set your weight loss goal.  A measurable goal… Yes, there needs to be a number.

Once you have decided on a number, you can break it down into smaller, more achievable numbers, and then work towards getting there. Once you reach your first milestone, strike that off and then work towards the next milestone, till u reach your goal.

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So are you ready? Ready to adopt the traits mentioned above? 

Ok I can hear a YES… Brilliant! Lets Move to the Next Step, we have work to do here. ☺

PS: Each of the Steps in this Course has some actionable for you. I have designed a workbook to guide you through the course. Please download and get the maximum out of this course.

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