Sunday is Meal Planning Day

After reading my blogs many have written to me asking me how I do my meal planning and make several different meals for every 2-hours everyday.

I completely understand where this question is coming from. I can imagine the plight of a wife who wants her husband to reduce weight, but who also does not want to spend hours thinking about what ‘healthy meals’ to cook for him everyday. To think about only lunch earlier was a big task, and now to think about 4-8 meals in a day! 😖🙏🏻

The situation further toughens when she is herself working or has kids to handle.

Well frankly, even if she is not working, who wants to spend that much time in the kitchen. We all have a life! We have definitely not bargained for being in the kitchen all day?

So then how to deal with this, is the question here?

The only solution is proper weekly meal planning. Plan for the week and prepare accordingly. I plan for my 5-day week by Saturday, and then prepare the meals by Sunday.

My meals planning is for:
  • Breakfast (8.30 – 9 am)
  • Four (4) office meals: Snacks for 11 am, 3.30-4pm & 6pm and 1 pm lunch
  • 2 Home Meals: Dinner 8.30 pm and 10.30 pm (optional)

And yes I do carry 4-5 meals with me to office everyday and give my husband the same as well. I can do this only by proper planning.

My meals for the entire week are prepared on Sunday. What I would take for my 11 AM snack or for my 3 PM or 6 PM snack, even lunch and dinner, all are planned and prepared for in advance. 

Once I have decided what to cook, I do the weekly grocery shopping accordingly. Thereafter, I take about 2-3 hours in the kitchen to prepare everything. And I am sorted for the week, all I have to do is pack them as per my meals. 

This weekly meal planning leaves me stress-free throughout the week and I have more MEtime. I so make sure to fully exploit this time I have rightfully earned for myself. I do my yoga and now I also get time to do a lot of other things that I like which earlier I was unable to do due to time constraint. Like this blog, I love writing but never actually got down to doing it due to lack of time.

What happened before: 

Before I started planning my meals weekly, all my time after I reached home from office used to go in the kitchen preparing the meals. I hated it. There was so much on my mind – office work or own work. But by the time I was over with my kitchen work and picked my laptop, I was already half asleep.

The worst thing was that most of the time I ended up making Maggi or bread or some kind of junk food or ordering from outside. Now we eat healthy everyday in every meal, as my major meal preparations are already done on Sunday 💃💃. And now it takes me about 30 minutes every day to give a final touch to the meal and it are ready to serve.

I also prepare my snacks in large quantity and pack them on need basis for myself and my husband. Just to give you an example, if I am planning to make Corn Zucchini Fritters as my weekly snack, then I prepare about 15-20 of them and that takes care of the entire week.

What people might say:

Some of you may argue that food gets spoilt if prepared so much in advance or the nutrients die etc etc. All I can say is, anything is better than having Maggi/ junk food most of the time or ordering from outside to feed yourself. 

We still order out, but it is by choice, and not by force. We have become the masters now and no longer slaves in this matter🤘🏻😊.

Sunday I call as my-day, the day I get ready to face the coming week. Food is a very important part of our life and eating healthy is a must. Planning helps and trust me it matters a lot when you are in control. But please don’t get me wrong, if you can manage to cook everyday and have the time to do so, then by all means you can prepare fresh meals daily. What I have mentioned above is for the women like be who are a bit lazy to cook so many meals everyday. 

I request you to read my 5-step learn to eat right & lose weight blog, if you have not already done so. Even if your aim is not to lose weight, it is important to know what and how we can eat right.