Step3# Prepare Your Weight Loss Confidants

Weight loss is like a project and when a project is undertaken some amount of preparation is required. You have already started your weight loss project and you have done some preparations too. In Step 1 you learnt how by adopting 5 traits you can ensure a fast & effective weight loss. In Step 2 you defined your reason to lose weight.

Now that you are whole heartedly working towards losing weight and are motivated enough, let’s take the next step. Just a few more preparations.

Prepare for Weight Loss, but here is the catch. In this step, we need to prepare others around us. These are your confidants, or actually the ones who are most affected by the change in lifestyle you are about to make. 

Prepare for Weight Loss with Your Confidants

Your Lunch Partners:

If you are eating lunch with someone everyday, especially in office (your office confidants), they need to know. Inform them of your intention. Apologise in advance for:

  • bringing food which you may not offer them or share with them.
  • not eating their food if they offer. Warn them not to take it personally & not to insist you on having more food when you stop.

If they really care about you, they will understand. If they don’t, well then you can’t please everyone. For once you are doing something for yourself.. focus on that and not on pleasing people?

Better would be to ask them to join you. Let everyone benefit. You decide! I asked my lunch partner to join me and trust me it was great. We discussed the recipes and even planned the exercises. It was like exams in school, you discuss and do your studying, you are afraid that the other person will finish the course & if your don’t as well, you would fail… 😂😂

Your close friend(s):

This friend(s) of yours has a very responsible role to play during your weak moments in your journey. There may be times when you would feel too lazy to exercise, or be tempted to overeat, etc., at these times, this ‘chosen’ friend(s) is the one you would call. Get their consent beforehand. 

Tell them that they need to be strict with you and to encourage you to keep following your plan. They should not fall for the emotions of the lazy sluggish you.

Even now sometimes on weekends I tell my husband, I don’t feel like doing my exercise and all he says is, do you want to go to your old self again? Does he have to say more 🙂

I chose my confidants very carefully, so should you.

Your Spouse & Children: 

The people who are living with you cannot be ignored. Tell them the same you told your lunch partners & close friend(s). Their support is very important.

Also, tell them that you will be trying various dishes in the coming months, some they may like and some they might not. They need to be by your side and enjoy the journey with you.

I told my husband the same. I am fortunate that he understood and supported me throughout.

If you are not confident about your new dish, then prepare another regular dish to accompany it. At least then you will be sure that your spouse or your kids will not sleep hungry… haha!

But if your experiment is a success, then WALLA! you have a new dish! Many of the recipes I have listed in my blog are a result of these experiments only.

Digital Weight Scale:

Last but not the least, get a digital weight machine – I hope I don’t have to explain why a digital scale. Many think that the scale may not show the correct weight on many days for reasons like water retention or excess sodium or stress, hormones, bowel movements, etc. and so it is not to be relied. But for me the weight scale was a constant motivator.

This is the same machine that had shouted reality to me, letting me know how fat I was. I was adamant to make it my friend and my confidant during my journey. And I am happy that I did – Weight up made me relook at what I ate or did & brought me back on path if I deterred, and weight down gave me confidence and kept me going.

I do agree that it can be quiet addictive, obsessively addictive sometimes! But I still recommend it. At one point, I used to go measure my weight every two hours. I am not kidding! Anyways, this one I leave to you, make your choice.

Okay this is it…. now enough of preparatory measures, I know you want to start with some real action now. Wait for my next post!



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