Step2# Define your Reason to Lose Weight

After Step1# where we spoke about adopting certain traits required to lose weight and start & complete our weight loss journey successfully, there comes Step2#, where you will define your reason to lose weight?

Most of us want to lose weight, and many just talk about wanting to lose weight. I have seen people eating a large pizza with an extra large coke and cribbing about how fat they are and how they will start dieting from tomorrow itself… but then who has seen that tomorrow. 🤔

It is only a few people who really get serious and take steps towards making a change in their lives.

The very reason that you have searched for the weight loss solution and reading this blog, makes you among those few who belong to this category, who are really keen to lose weight.

Kudos to that and you can pat your back… ☺️ 

So what is your reason

Now write the reason(s) that motivated you to start on this journey. Everyone has a reason… wrong reason or right… there is always a reason…  

Don’t think that the reason is small or big, cause if this reason has motivated you to lose weight, it is important.

I had two:

  1. My health reasons which I also spoke about in my weight loss story
  2. I wanted to look good 😉 (ahem, who doesn’t!)

You see, any reason can be your reason. Just think of it and write it.

To give you some examples, I am listing down a few which I have heard from people around, pick one or list your own.

  • Fit into a particular dress
  • Feel healthy
  • Look attractive
  • Match Deepika Padukone looks 
  • Be thinner than a particular neighbour/ friend
  • Participate in a beauty contest
  • & it can go on and on.

Once you have written your reason, you can move to the next step of finding your weight loss confidants. You can share your reason by writing in the comment box below too. 

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