How to Start Eating Healthy and Why is it So Important?

So how to start eating healthy or in other words how you imbibe the eating right skills in your lifestyle and why the heck is it so important?

Surely these question have been on your mind since the time you started reading this blog, cause since the beginning all I have been emphasising is eating healthy and eating right. 🤔

Let me answer these questions for you.

But before I begin answering the questions, there is something very important you need to understand. In your lifetime, you must have gathered a lot of gyan (knowledge) on weight loss methods – what to do and what not to do. I urge you to kindly UNLEARN what you have previously learnt.

What I talk about in my blogs might contradict with what you already know, so it is better to UNLEARN that and follow what I tell you without much thought. What I am talking about is through my personal experience…. Tried it! Tested it! Achieved it!!! (Read my weight loss story)

Okay now that we have cleared that, let’s move to answering the questions.

How to Start Eating Right?

Eating Right’ is a new skill that you need to learn and imbibe in your lifestyle. And so, like any other new skill, even the art of eating right will require a lot of patience, dedication and perseverance from your end.

Have you heard of the Four Stages of Competence? Don’t worry, I am not going to take up your management lessons here 😃. But this is important, so go on, read further.

Learning of any new skill starts with Unconscious Incompetence. Here, the learner is not even aware that a certain skill type exists, leave alone knowing its usefulness or even realising her incompetence or incapacity of the skill. However, YOU have already completed this stage, as you are already aware that there exists something like ‘Eating the Right Way’. 😎

Awesome Guys! Let’s move to Stage 2, Conscious Incompetence. In this stage, the learner becomes aware of the skill & its value or usefulness. She also realises her incompetency or lack of knowledge of the skill, meaning that she is consciously aware of her incompetence. 

Stage 3 is Conscious Competence. Here the learner understands about the skill and makes conscious efforts to learn the skill. This stage requires a lot of hard work and concentration, before the learner reaches the last & final stage of Unconscious Competence.

This last & final stage, Stage 4 is of Unconscious Competence, and one reaches this stage when the learner no longer remains a learner but becomes an expert. She has done so much practicing of the skill that she knows it like the back of her hand. It is like learning to drive, initially you look at the gears while you change them, but eventually, you can change gears without even looking at them.

What is your Stage now?

So, as you may have realised, you are at the second stage in your competency of learning to eat right. You need to reach the last stage of being an expert. And for this you need to cross this huge Stage 3, which requires a lot of dedication from your side. If you have started on the ‘Eating Healthy’ path, you might face problem in the beginning, live through it. Have belief in yourself, YOU CAN DO IT! Slow and steady you will be there. 

I have already explained What is Eating Right and through my ‘5-Step Eating Right Series’ you can actually start with your learning process.

So begin to consciously plan your Healthy Weekly Meals and abide by them. Make a list of what you can eat and what you cannot.

Soon I will also give you some ideas on what you can eat between your various 2-hourly meals, as in the initial stages it does become a little tricky to eat lesser amount of food than what your body is used to taking. But don’t worry you have just started.

Now coming to the next question, the ‘Why’ part.

Your body has a habit of storing food so that it can take food (energy) from the storage when it needs it, i.e. when it is hungry. But when you are continuously feeding your stomach with the right amount of food, in a timely manner, you are basically giving your body the food when it is asking for food. And by doing so, you are giving your body the signal that it will be fed when needed and so it stops storing food, which is what was the fat in our body.

Also, when you are eating less but in intervals, you are shrinking your stomach size. Which means that it will fill with much less quantity, than what it took to get full earlier. And so with time you will not feel hungry after eating lesser quantity of meals.

Well, all this requires your continuous, conscious and dedicated effort. 😜😁 

Did I say it is going to be easy? 🤔 Nah.. but it surely is going to be worth it, and that’s a promise 🤝.

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