Refreshing Strawberry Yogurt Dessert

There is nothing unique about the strawberry yogurt. Easily available in the market… So why am I even talking about it in my blog.

I visited my Maternal Uncle (Mama ji) recently and thinking that I have become a ‘health freek’ now, he thought I would not be interested in any ice-creams or any other high calorie dessert. So he offered me Strawberry Yogurt as Dessert.

When he mentioned strawberry yogurt, I made a face. Firstly, I don’t like the strawberry flavour and secondly, the strawberry flavoured yogurt available in the market that I have eaten in the past gives me acidity. I prefer the natural yogurt to flavoured stuff any day.

So my first reaction was to refuse him, but he insisted and so I had what he offered. I am so glad he did not give up, because what he offered left me so refreshed. Deeply impressed by it, my first instinct was to share it with you guys. I feel it is a very good option to have as dessert.

Similar to all the recipes that I write, this one also is simple to make, but is extremely refreshing to eat. It goes without saying, low in calorie too.


(no prices for guessing)

  • Natural Yogurt (Curd): 1 Bowl
  • Sugar: 1/2 table spoon, you can use honey too
  • Fresh Strawberry: 2 Pieces
Preparation (2 min)
  • Mix the sugar (or honey) and yogurt well
  • Slice the Strawberry & put on top

Ready to serve. That is it…😳😳 

The strawberry yogurt available in the market is all mashed/ ground and tastes artificial (to me) and also gives me acidity (can’t say why) plus you don’t know how much sugar or artificial flavours they put. 

But the strawberry used here are sliced up, fresh and natural. I am such a fan and can have it everyday.

You need to try is today. For me, it is so going to be on my regular things to eat from now onward.

A lot of you have been asking me for the healthy recipes and on what I ate to reduce my weight. I will keep putting what I eat on regular basis in this blog. While you need to make your own eating plan and eat what pleases your taste buds, these recipes will serve as a guide for you.

The recipes I write shall only assist you in your meal planning process and help you in deciding to eat right. If you like this recipe do let me know in the comment box below.

Credit: Mr Shashi Sachdeva

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