1. Manpreet
    February 22, 2017 @ 6:12 am

    All done so far… Figured many annoying food habits.. Like eating my food and my children’s left over, an entire pack of biscuits every time I have tea, fruits?? Really?? There’s no end to fruits!!!
    Look forward to your next post


    • musingsbycj
      February 22, 2017 @ 6:33 am

      Thank you Manpreet. I am glad you have like my posts do far. Next post is coming soon. You will not be disappointed.


  2. Ajay
    May 14, 2018 @ 12:05 pm

    I have the same problem. Since I work late at night, I keep eating unhealthy stuff like chips or some other similar stuff. But I really cannot think of how I can stop this habit of mine? I mean what do I do if I am hungry?


    • CJ
      May 14, 2018 @ 8:30 pm

      Hi Ajay… I am not asking you not to eat at all… If u are awake late, you need to keep feeding yourself… but instead of unhealthy stuff like chips or namkeen, etc. you need to choose healthier snacks… like nuts, or yogurt or a cheese sandwich, etc.


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