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I receive many questions. Some I answer through my blog articles and a few I have tried to answer here. If you feel that your question is still not answered, please do write to me and I will get back to you soon:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there any magical way to lose weight?

A: All the ways that make you lose weight are magical… and the magic is your lost weight… it vanishes magically. 🙂

What you really need to know is whether these methods that you adopt result in a weight loss that you can sustain or a permanent weight loss.

For a permanent weight loss, you need to start with making a few healthy changes in your lifestyle… and start leading a healthy lifestyle.… weight loss will follow magically. 

You can subscribe to my blog that’ll guide you to make those healthy changes in your lifestyle step by step.


Q: You have been talking about ‘Eating Right’, is exercising not important in order to lose weight?

A: Eating the right amount of food, the right way, results in a healthy weight loss. But exercises help to tone up your body and build your muscles.

To answer your question, exercises are very important, what you need to learn is how much? Read my article on how much exercise you need to do to lose weight for knowing how much.


Q: I am not an Indian, does your weight loss strategy still help me lose weight?

A: The Weight Loss Tips that I talk about in your blog articles have nothing to do with any caste, creed or sex.

Anyone who wishes to lose weight can follow these tips and gain from it


Q: How can I lose weight without doing exercises, and staying at home?

A: Well, exercises are important but more important than that is to start eating right. I lost my first 7 kgs without doing any exercises, just by following a healthy eating pattern.

So yes to start with weight loss, you can do so by learning to eat right. And once you start getting results ie. once you start to lose weight, it will become an addiction and you will even want to exercise to achieve your weight loss goal.


Q: Why can’t some people lose weight despite sticking to a balanced diet and exercise program?

A: There may be many reasons for this. I have written a post to answer this question for you. 10 Possible Reasons Why you are Not Losing Weight Any Longer

Let me know if you find your reason here. 


Q: What is wrong with diets and why are they still so popular?

A: When people refer to diets or going on a diet, what they basically mean is that they will eat less or starve themselves, eat all sorts of weird (boiled or tasteless) food, torture themselves in order to lose weight. But a question: Whether you will be able to continue being on this diet throughout your life?

Diets are popular because that is what people know of and this is what they believe can help them lose weight… whereas this is not really true. Read this blog article for more clarity.


Q: I am a non-vegetarian, will I still be able to lose weight if I follow your weight loss strategy?

A: Yes, even if you are a non-vegetarian you will be able to follow the strategies mentioned in my blog and lose weight. What you need to know is how to eat right, no matter what your cuisine it.


Q: How long will it take to lose weight (say 15kgs)?

A: Losing weight depends on a lot of things… first and foremost is your own commitment to it. Ideally, a person can lose up to 1–3% of body fat in a month with proper diet and exercise…

It took me about 6 months to lose 15kgs… with all the healthy thing I did and lifestyle changes I made.


Q: What is the Best Way to Lose Weight?

A: Weight Loss is more to do with eating the right way. If you learn to eat right, you will be able to lose weight like a breeze. Without any torture… 

You can subscribe to my blog to get access to a mini-course, that’ll help you to lose weight the right way.


Q: Will the Weight Loss Strategy you talk about in your blogs make me feel weak, like the other dieting methods that I have followed in the past?

A: My Weight Loss Strategy is about eating right and not dieting or starving yourself at all. To get more clarity please read my article: Diet Food or Right Food: What should be your focus to Lose Weight.

You feel weak when you resolve to extreme dieting or starve yourself. This is when your body revolts, becomes low on energy and makes you feel weak.

Eating right is about maintaining a healthy eating lifestyle, which involves clean eating and adding all kinds of nutrients in your diet. 


Q: What should I eat every day for a month to lose weight?

A: Why target only a month… try to build good eating habits and imbibe them in your lifestyle, for a lifelong benefit. This way you will not only be able to lose weight but also will be able to maintain in permanently, without gaining it back again, which would happen if you opt for any sort of unhealthy crash dieting.

Start eating right today. Control your portions and eat at proper intervals. You can subscribe to my blog and get access to a free weight loss guide and a weight loss course.


Q: What is the difference between a nutrition plan and a diet?

A:  Nutrition Plan is an Eating Right Plan where you plan your food intake in a manner that you incorporate all nutrients into it. You don’t starve yourself but eat the right type of food that your body needs … eat healthily and lose weight.

Whereas in Dieting, many people starve themselves so that they lose weight. A more detailed answer here Diet Food or Right Food


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