30 days 1-on-1 Weight Loss Coaching for Women:

Personalised * Realistic * Actionable * Focused

Are you struggling with your weight issues? Do you HATE your bulging belly, your double chin, your photos, your look in the mirror…?

Does shopping for clothes depress you? Do you HATE it when you are not able to buy what you really want to wear because it is either not available in your size or your weight does not permit you to wear it?

And most importantly do you HATE the way people treat you? 

 You have dreamt to have an AWESOME body all your life..

You have tried many things to fulfil this dream..

Followed All Sorts of Diet Plans… Done Plenty of Exercises…

Skipped Meals… Even Stayed Hungry…

Done pretty much everything, but you have not got the results you desire… CONSEQUENTLY you feel absolutely disappointed… and scared that you are destined to live with this ‘Overweight You’ forever… You are absolutely frustrated… 

Let me tell you that I was there too…

I had been overweight for more than 15 years of my life. I started gaining weight while I was in college, and then it never stopped. It reached a point where it started affecting my health and my doctors started insisting that I lose weight.

CJ 20kgs ago
This is me: 20 kgs (44 pounds) ago

My weight gain was constantly nagging me. I was utterly confused about the reason for my weight gain. I always thought I was eating right and exercising enough, but was still gaining weight. 

I did get a little success by the few methods I adopted to lose my weight, but the weight KEPT COMING BACK as soon as I gave up on those methods. I discontinued either due to laziness or my busy schedule and later I ended up cursing myself for NOT having that extra willpower to continue with what had got me results.

Like a maniac I used to search the internet to find that EASIEST SOLUTION that I could follow TO GET THE BODY I WANTED and then sustain it. But seeing the plethora of information that stared at me, left me directionless and further confused.

So Yes… I was there too, where you are now & that’s why I can completely relate to you.

This is me now… About 20 kgs (44 lbs) lighter… more active and more motivated than before 🙂

After my Weight Loss
This is me NOW.. About 20 kgs lighter 🙂

Would you like to know what I did to lose weight? Are you ready to take a positive step to tackle your weight problems and take control of your life?

‘Cause if you are, then I have this EPIC Weight Loss Program for you.

In this program I will personally coach you on all that you require to lose weight permanently + reveal my exclusive strategies that I followed to successfully lose my weight. I will work with you to modify your lifestyle so that you can make them your way of life.

30 days Personalised

1-on-1 Weight Loss Coaching Program

But before I get into details about the program, I am sure you would like to know WHO THE HECK I am…

I am a full time Senior Manager in a reputed company in Malaysia + Manage my house i.e do the entire cooking & cleaning myself…  So basically, I lead a very busy life.

Anyone who knows me can vouch that I CANNOT stay hungry, as I get headaches if I do and I really DO NOT have any inclination to spend long hours in the gym, neither do I have the time. 

What I cannot practice myself, I don’t preach others to do. My approach to Losing Weight is a combination of ‘Eating Right & Living Healthy’. I have relished every minute of my Weight Loss journey. And frankly, I was able to lose my weight only because it was not a stress for me.

And now I love the results it has got me… I love the feeling of being slim and healthy. I feel more confident, more active and more energetic.

And I want YOU to enjoy your journey as much as I did…  

What can you expect from this Weight Loss Program?

  • It is Sustainable. You can follow it all your life & never let your weight return.
  • It is NOT a temporary fix. We are talking about Permanent Weight Loss here.
  • It is Weight Loss without torture – No Diets, No Gadgets, No Supplements & No Surgeries.
  • No special meal required. You lose weight eating your regular food.
  • No countless hours in the gym working out.
  • You become healthier & more active… than being lazy, restless & hungry all the time.

How will this Weight Loss Program be different from others?


Solutions that you can follow all your life & never let your weight return.

100% Customised

Solutions that are devised keeping in mind your lifestyle. You are the focus here.

No Torture

No Deprivation, No Gadgets, No Exhaustion, No Supplements required. We’ll keep it Simple


Solutions that are absolutely doable. No more guess work required on your part on what is right for you.


Solutions that intent to make you self reliant & confident. You will be able to decide your own weight loss meals & way of life.

Long Term Focus

Solutions with No gimmicks or quick fix. This programs moves at the right pace for you to get permanent results.

How would having a COACH help?

  • Getting a Fresh Perspective: Sometimes you need another person to analyse your routine & guide you as to where you go amiss. There are some habits that need instant change and some that would have to be worked upon.
  • Relieves from Guesswork & save your time: A coach can tell you exactly what you need to do to get the desired results. Don’t you think that would save a lot of your time? I wish someone were there to guide me as well, I wouldn’t have been overweight all those 15 years.
  • Focus:  Sometimes you become so delusional that you cannot focus on the real problem. You think you are doing everything right, but still are confused on what is going wrong. A coach can solve it for you.

SO WHY should you let ME Coach you & what is unique about MY WAY of Coaching?


  •  Unlearn-Learn Approach: When a belief had existed for a long time, people start treating it as truth, like the belief of having ‘Lemon-Honey Water’ early in the morning. Let me tell you, it might be healthy, but it surely is not going to make you lose your weight. Many such learnings need to be unlearned before learning what will actually get you results – I am going to do it for you.
  • Participative Approach: I don’t believe in talk-talk-talk kind of coaching. I like to give solutions. You know your life & your problems better. I will work together with you on the problems that come between your weight loss goals, and find a feasible solution to bring about a positive change.
  • ‘Teach-to-Catch-a-Fish’ Approach: Many weight loss programs I have seen talk about giving pre-prepared meal plan to the clients. This is not me. I shall teach you how to plan your meals so that you can continue with them throughout your life.
  • Action-packed Comprehensive Approach: Each of our collaborative session shall end with a task for you and you will have a week to work on it. These clear-cut focused to-dos would lead you towards a healthy lifestyle and successful weight loss.
  • Handholding Approach: You would have me handholding you at every step, guiding you and providing practical solutions to your problems so that nothing comes in between you and your weight loss goal.

This Program is for you if:

  • You are willing to adopt a new healthier lifestyle.
  • You are absolutely motivated & determined to lose weight.
  • You are looking for a Sustainable Weight Loss Solution.
  • You have tried many weight loss techniques, but have not got the desired results.
  • You get depressed seeing yourself overweight and out of of shape.
  • You have neglected yourself for many years and want to finally do something for yourself.
  • You are looking for a clear step-by-step strategy to lose weight and a coach to handhold you through the process.
P.S. This program is NOT for you if you are looking for a Quick Fix to your Weight Gain OR you want to count your calories while eating OR you think that only doing exercises or torturing yourself might get you results OR you are looking at muscle building.

You’ll Receive:

  • Four (4) Weekly 1-on-1 sessions of 45 min each – Detailed with No Claptrap.
  • Review your lifestyle & habits to advise strategic changes (at a manageable pace)
  • Regular review of your meal plan, food intake and regular feedback and guidance.
  • Suggest Healthy Meal Plan keeping in mind your likes & dislikes.
  • Devise an Exercise Plan for you to make you more active.
  • 30 days of unlimited email support between sessions.
  • Weekly actionable and clearly laid out tasks.

How Does this Program Work?

⇒ Extensive Questionnaire: After you sign up, I shall send you an welcome kit comprising of an comprehensive questionnaire & some paperwork. Your answers to this questionnaire shall help me understand your mindset, your current lifestyle, your struggles and your past failures.

⇒ Analysis: Before our 1st session, I will spend some hours to go through your answers and analyse your current diet plan and identify the problem areas detrimental in your weight loss.

⇒ Our 1st Discussion: We will revisit your answers to the questionnaire as well as my analysis. We will also discuss the problem areas and advise you solutions. There shall also be a discussion on how we shall move in the weeks to come.

⇒ Meal Planning: In consultation, we shall also list down your meal plan for the week, which you would be required to follow.

⇒ Actionable Document: After each of our calls I shall send you my suggestions and a list of weekly to-dos, so that during the call you can focus on just learning and getting your problems solved.

⇒ 45 Minute NO-NONSENSE discussion: Our weekly focused discussions shall be on checking your  progress weekly, check problems faced if any. And we shall incorporate one habit at a time.

⇒ Regular Review of Meals & Routine: For at least the first two weeks I will ask you to send me the schedule of what you ate as well as your other routine, and shall provide feedback for improvement.


Q: How much weight will I lose?

A: We would be looking at a sustainable weight loss process. Fast weight loss or a quick fix is not the right way. The actual weight loss may vary depending on how well you follow the program and how much body weight you carry.

Q: I am in a full time job/ other business/ kids at home, will I have time for this?

A: The whole intention of this Weight Loss Coaching program is to devise strategies that you can imbibe in your current lifestyle. So all the strategies that we will discuss shall be 100% customised keeping in mind your situation.

Q: Do you offer refunds?

A: Due to the live nature of this program, all sales are final.

Q: I am afraid that after investing I still will not be able to lose weight, like I failed in the earlier programs?

A: You need to be motivated and sincere in order to get success. If you enroll for this course, we already know that you are willing to do what it takes to get that dream body of yours. We will work together and make your dream a reality too.

Q: I love food and I am afraid that my cravings would fail me?

A: This weight loss method is not about restricting any food. You will just be explained to eat everything the right way.

Q: Your program sounds great, but I cannot afford it?

A: I suggest that you buy my ebook: A Practical Guide to Lose Weight without Tears. This book will definitely benefit you.

Q: Why would I need a Coach? There is so much information out there?

A: Absolutely, there is no denying that. But the information is also a lot and also very confusing. With my coaching, you will be spared of any sort of guesswork and do exactly what is right for you in order to lose weight. 

Praise & Love from my Clients

Manpreet Kaur
Manpreet Kaur

I have tried many options like GM diet, gyming, weird home remedies, slimming tablets before approaching you.

Your coaching helped me understand the whole reason behind my weight gain. It helped me understand my poor eating habits, my choice of food and how much does my body really need to eat vs how much am I actually eating. You have not just been a weight loss guide to me, but also a psychologist. You understood my emotions and how I am miss using food as my emotional support.

I have started to lose weight and I understand how to make healthy food choices. I am 3.5 kgs down in a month and I suddenly feel that my goal is achievable.

You involved me in my diet plan, you helped me understand healthy food options. Basically following this diet is more like following a healthy lifestyle without making drastic changes in the kind of food I cook for the family.

Sign up NOW & take your first step towards a healthier lifestyle + your dream body!

Enroll for this EPIC 30 Days Personalised 1-on-1 Weight Loss Coaching Program for $399/-

Alternatively, Schedule a Discussion (Not Chargeable) with me for any clarification!