A Practical Guide to Lose Weight without Tears

LOSING WEIGHT isn’t easy if you are not doing it the right way. Many spend hours in the gym and many others stay hungry or go on extreme diets so that they can lose weight, but still are not able to lose a single pound.
In this Weight Loss eBook, I have penned down the Key Strategies you can learn to lose weight STEP-by-STEP. So take your First Step towards a healthy body by Downloading this eBook TODAY! It’s just for USD 3.99/-.
Weight Loss eBook

Why should you BUY this eBook?

Practical Solution 

In this eBook, discover My #1 Strategies for Losing Weight Successfully. Get inspired to adopt a Positive & Healthy Lifestyle.

Proven Strategies

Strategies in this eBook are all tried & tested; based on my own experience as well as of those I have coached. Download this eBook today to unleash the most doable tips & tricks to lose weight

Actionable Tasks

Each chapter in this eBook follows actionable tasks that you can follow to achieve your target weight and then sustain it as well.

Meal Options

Get healthy meal as well as meal planning ideas in this eBook and save yourself the botheration of trying to figure out what to eat while losing weight all the time.

Buy the eBook Today for just USD 3.99/-

Read this eBook in different formats through any device. On-the-go connected whether on your mobile, tablet, or desktop. Say Yes to the Healthy You! 

What the Readers have to Say?

Excellent read – I have already lost some weight. I have been trying to do so from quite some time. After going through the book it seems to be a cakewalk. Great job Chhavi.

Mandeep Singh

AWESOME book. Completely changed the way I thought about weight loss and fitness. I never realised how important it is to focus on food even for people who do not intent to lose weight. Thank you for such a great guide Chhavi.

Suren Arora

About the Author

Weight Loss eBook Author

Chhavi Jain

Chhavi Jain writes about Weight Loss & Healthy Living. She is an unshakable optimist committed to help dedicated people to lose weight by leading a healthy lifestyle, and weight loss is a by-product. She loves to stay fit & lead a healthy life and offers tips & tricks that are absolutely doable for an average human being.
Having herself lost 20 kgs of body weight & 5 inches from her waist (in about 10 months), she strongly believes that there is no right time or age to start leading a healthy lifestyle One can start anytime and any day; it is just a matter of taking the first step. 
Having run a successful blog for many months, she has now authored this eBook that provides step-by-step procedure to all readers desirous to lose weight, and tackle all weight issues leading to permanent results.