My Weight Loss Story

I guess you are on this blog post cause you must have searched for Weight Loss or healthy recipes or fitness or something to this effect.

Let me tell you that if that is what you are searching for, you are at the right place.

Hey! I am CJ, your blog host.

I am going to talk about losing weight the right way. Which to me is NO going on torturous diets, NO eating funny tasting food, NO use of sicking gadgets… 

I managed to lose 15 kgs in 6 months and all this I have done without any crash diets, or silly gadgets or eating funny tasting food. I have lost the weight the most natural/ organic way and through my blogs I am going to talk about it.

My Weight Loss Journey

The Story…

I started to gain weight in college. Due to my stressful study routine. I used to sit long hours to study. Just eat, sleep and study. This resulted in fat accumulation and before I realised, I was overweight.

The realisation stuck me when my mirror and photographs spoke differently.

Keen to lose weight, I started cycling! I cycled to my classes, I cycled to meet friends, I cycled to buy groceries.. I just cycled.. I did it because I could… at that time.. and I sure did lose weight. 

After my marriage, like any average Indian woman, I got all the lost weight back plus more. When people started taunting me about my weight, I used to ask my husband innocently if I was fat, and my ever so politically correct husband would tell me, “You are not fat, just a little healthy.” Poor him 🙂

My few efforts for losing weight in the past…

Time and again, I did exercise, went on diets and used many other tactics to TRY to lose weight. I wouldn’t say they did not do any good to me, any form of exercise and being active is good, but it did not enthuse the needle of my weight machine for sure.. ☹ It did not move, and when it did, it was only to move upwards… Phewww… And in the end I would get demotivated and stop what I started.

Losing weight became all the more undoable due to my busy schedule. Taking out time to exercise was a problem, overwork and stress makes you eat more… Well at least these are amongst the many excuses (now I can say that) I used to give myself, to console the overweight me. And so my constant struggle with weight kept going on.

At one time, I had reached a stage where I had completely given up and kind of settled with the realisation of being a sluggish girl forever.

Weight gain does not come alone…

To top it all, I developed plantar fasciitis (severe pain in the foot with aggravates when you walk or stand for long) as well as high blood pressure. My doctors told me that I need to reduce weight or else live with the illnesses… and if the plantar fasciitis worsens I might even have to go for surgery.

For me, it was time for reality check… I did realise that if I keep on doing the same thing I will get the same results…

But I had to reduce weight. So it was time for me to undergo a lifestyle change.

Woman on mission… that was ME… 

Here’s when the famous nutritionist, Rujuta Diwekar played a major role. I had read her but now I started following her.

I had to move with a plan… I started eating better, and started exercising regularly… but this time the right way.. Believe me… I lost my FIRST kilogram in just three days. I couldn’t believe it and then there was no looking back..

Over the past few months, I have gained some insight and all I want is to share the same with you… SO let me be clear, that neither am I an educationist, a nutritionist, a fitness guru… nor am I portraying any such thing. I will write what I did. 

I will also talk about what I had done earlier… what worked for me and what did not work for me – One post at a time.

I do hope that you find this blog helpful. And if you do, please do leave your comments or your suggestions, also your likes and shares will be appreciated.

I read all the comments and emails and answer them and you never know, your question might get me the topic of my next blog post 🙂

Happy Reading!

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