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My blogs mirror the struggles of any person wanting to lose weight, including my own. You will read about lifestyle changes, weight loss tips, healthy recipes, DIY self-care & exercise regimes here. I also answer many questions related to these topics.
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When I started my journey, I was as clueless as you are today. But after my struggles, I finally figured out what works. You can read my story here. I hope it inspires you when you realise that if I could do it, with my lifestyle… so can you!
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I provide 1-on-1 Coaching to those committed to lose weight but are struggling with it. My coaching is customized, keeping in mind your lifestyle and everyday stresses. I will work with you to help you tackle your weight issues step by step.
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Praise & Love from Clients

  • Manpreet


    Your coaching helped me understand the whole reason behind my weight gain. You have not just been a weight loss guide to me, but also a psychologist. I have started to lose weight and I understood how to make healthy food choices. I am 3.5 kgs down in a month and I suddenly feel that my goal is achievable.

    You involved me in my diet plan, you helped me understand healthy food options. Following this diet is more like following a healthy lifestyle without making drastic changes in the kind of food I cook.

  • Kavita


    I have lost 18 Kgs after I started reading this blog. Initially I read it without much interest but then I realised that the measures being suggested were pretty much possible to do. I started following the advice tentatively but I got hooked and when I saw the weighing scale displaying the first loss I was surprised and happy.

    Soon it became a habit to follow the healthy routine and I took all the tips very seriously. It took me about 11 months to lose 18.7 kgs. I am very grateful to Chhavi and her blog. Thank you!

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