About this Blog

You have dreamt to lose weight, whatever your reasons.

You have tried many techniques, tortured yourself enough to achieve this dream of yours, but have been unsuccessful till now.

You are now willing to do whatever it takes.

Let me tell you you are not alone. I was there too.

Hey! I am CJ, your host for this blog. Last year I managed to lose 15 kgs in 6 months, the weight I had been carrying for the last 15 years of my life. I did it without torturing myself.

EPIC right! Follow along and I shall walk you through how I managed to do it.

But before that a little about me! I am a HUGE Salman Khan fan, a vegetarian and quiet an emotional person. I openly & shamelessly admit that I absolutely adore reading Daniel Steel novels. I cry along with them, almost always 🙂

What I do for a Living!

I work as a Senior Manager in a reputed firm in Malaysia. It is quiet a stressful and demanding job… but then I like being busy & useful… Working gives me satisfaction and most importantly money to pay for my shopping bills & spas (haha!)

I have been working for more than 16 years now, in various fields like communications, marketing, business development, accounts and operations. Yes, I have pretty much dirtied my hands doing everything.

Why I started this blog!

Well, I won’t say that I have lost 100s of pounds, like many of my fellow bloggers who write weight loss blogs, but I did lose quiet a few, about 35  (15 kgs) pounds in six months.

Me before I lost weight…

For me this process and journey has been amazing! Considering at one time, losing even a kilogram seemed like a gigantic task, to have lost 15 kgs does give me a reason to be proud of.

And all this I did without torturing myself with fasts and eating funny tasteless food. Yes! You read it right the first time… NO FASTS… NO EATING FUNNY FOOD… NO SILLY GADGETS AND NO TORTURE….!

I am still having parantha’s (Indian Bread with lots of oil) and Pakoras (Fritters) and losing weight.

Excited already! Brilliant… Just be with me.

What I write or will write about!

To me weight loss, is a combination of working on MIND, BODY & SOUL.

During the past few years, and most importantly in the past few months, I have gained a new perspective towards life. For me, it was not just about losing weight, it is about embracing a new lifestyle altogether.

Every day has been a new learning- learning to lead a more balanced life, learning to enjoy simple things in life, learning to live every moment with more enthusiasm, learning to feel alive…. And I want to share this balance with you so that you awesome girls can gain (ahem lose) out of this!

Reach me!

Finally, after reading my posts,  if you have questions for me or would like to give feedback to me, you can reach me on mailcj@musingsbycj.com alternatively you can fill the contact me form as well.

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